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“Lovely people to work with n each instructor strives to get their pupils to loose nothing ELSE but the L plate“

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• What is Fleet Driver Training?

• Benefits

• Legal requirements

• Essential facts

• Drivers & their

• What we offer?

What is Fleet Driver Training?

At Glasgow School of Motoring our Driving Standards Agency (DSA) Registered and Approved Trainers are qualified to provide training for all Company Drivers according to their individual needs, assessing their ability to drive and identifying where improvements can be made sensitively and diplomatically, to benefit not only the Company reputation but also enhance the individuals safety driving skills.


Even in poor weather and road conditions, drivers can stay safe by driving slowly and cautiously.

Around 68% of all Company Vehicles are involved in some find of accident every year and 35% of all fatalities every year.


Fleet Driver Training teaches company car and van drivers advanced safe defensive driving skills, which will help to improve awareness and planning in all traffic conditions. Proven benefits of Occupational Driving Assessments and Development Training can reduce the risk of all collisions by up to 70%. All those benefits include:

• Reduced Accidents

• Reduced Sick Leave

• Improved Job Road Safety

• Reduced Wear and Tear on Vehicles

• Improved Staff Morale and Confidence

• More Effective Vehicle Use

• Reduced Fuel Costs

• Lower Insurance Premiums

Legal Requirements

1. The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, requires you to ensure the safety of all employees while at work.

2. Companies have a responsibility to ensure that others are not put at risk by their drivers activities.

3. Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, emphasise Companies have a responsibility to manage Health and Safety effectively.

4. Risk Assessment for the Health and Safety of employees must be carried out while they are at work. Regulations require Companies to review levels of Risk Assessment periodically so that it remains adequate.

5. The Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 have made changes from April 2008. This     implicates companies could be liable for gross negligence if their drivers are involved in serious accidents as a result of gross breach of a duty of care.

What we offer?

Fleet Driving Assessment Training Courses

At Glasgow School of Motoring our driver risk assessments start with a short driving questionnaire outlining each driver’s working practices, their vehicle use and collates information on their regular journeys’ and driving history. We begin with a short practical on-road assessment, where we can accurately observe driving habits, attitude and decide whether any training would benefit the driver’s safety or reduce the employers’ costs regarding fuel, insurance and efficiency.

Driver Risk Assessment (assessment only) and Driver Risk Assessment – ½ Day course can be carried out at your workplace and can be tailored to your individual needs as part of the on-going process of Managing Occupational Road Risk. All Risk Assessments are designed to aid you in complying with Health and Safety at Work Regulations.

The assessment includes:

• Vehicle Safety Checks

• Risk Assessment prior to training

• Training areas outlined

• Post Assessment Training

• Recommendations for further training

This level of assessment covers the Health and Safety requirements with no further training necessary.

At the end of this Risk Assessment and Training session, drivers who we feel still have residual risk will be recommended for a further 1 day driver training course in order to comply with the Health and Safety requirements of Fleet Driver Training.

In-Depth Risk Assessment Training Course – 1 day (for drivers who require additional training development)

The assessment includes:

• In-depth training – Improving areas outlined in the Driver Risk Assessment

• Speed Awareness

• Defensive Driving

• Eco-Driving

• SAFED (Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving) Van Driver Training (if needed)

• Highway Code Book

We also provide: SAFED Van Training and Post Incident or Accident Training

Every Risk Assessment is recorded and signed by the trainer and candidate, including any recommendations for further training. Reports are made to both candidates and fleet management of the company.

A certificate will be presented to the company on behalf of Glasgow School of Motoring to all employees who have taken the Risk Assessment Course with our Fleet Driver Trainers.